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Russell Hough

B.AppSc. B.Ost.Sc Osteopath

Dr. Russell Hough is a fully qualified, registered Osteopath and owner of Newcastle Osteopathy. Russell completed a 5-year double degree in Clinical Science and Osteopathic Science at RMIT in 2001. He has owned and worked in Osteopathic clinics throughout Australia and overseas before opening Newcastle Osteopathy in 2014.

Russell moved to Newcastle in 2014 with his wife and son. He enjoys surfing and AFL and spending time with his family.

As well as Osteopathy Russell has completed a CHEK Exercise Coaching course and has a keen interest in sports science, health and fitness. Russell firmly believes that people from all ages can benefit from Osteopathic treatment, including children and the elderly.

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Rebecca Woods

B.Clin.Sci, M.Ost.Med.

Dr. Rebecca Woods is a registered Osteopath joining us at Newcastle Osteopathy in 2019. She has a Bachelor of Clinical Science and Masters in Osteopathic Medicine and completed a master’s research project on Cervicogenic Headache, through Southern Cross University.

Previous to studying Osteopathy, Bec was a Professional Surfer on the Women’s World Tour from 2005-2013, competing for 9 consecutive years in the elite top 17. This has honed her interest in the importance of all facets of healthcare, including injury diagnosis, prevention, recovery, diet, sports science and fitness. She also has interests in women’s health, pregnancy and headaches. 

Bec enjoys treating people of all ages and utilises her broad range of Osteopathic techniques in combination with preventative care, inclusive of stretching and exercises, to find the underlying cause and provide a well-rounded individual treatment plan for her patients.

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Lisa Jones

B.Clin.Sci, M.Ost.Med.

Dr. Lisa graduated from Southern Cross University in 2019 with a Bachelor in Clinical Science and Masters in Osteopathic Medicine.

Previous to studying Osteopathy, Lisa worked as a trades assistant to an electrician, and lived and worked overseas. Lisa was exposed to osteopathy from a young age, being treated whilst playing violin and soccer.

Lisa enjoys the holistic approach to health that Osteopathy brings, and is passionate about explaining and showing how incredible the human body is to her patients. Her aim is to work with the patients to attain an individual treatment plan that is specific to them.

Lisa loves soccer, hiking and running. 

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Nicholas Tisch

B.Clin.Sci, M.Ost.Med Osteopath

Dr Nicholas Tisch graduated with a Bachelor of Clinical Sciences (Osteopathic Studies) from Southern Cross University in 2017, then obtained a Master of Health Science (Osteopathy) from Victoria University in 2019. He is a registered Osteopath and a member of Osteopathy Australia.

Nick’s career in osteopathy started later in life after a number of years working as a carpenter. A work injury from a 5-tonne excavator meant chronic pain for Nick. After enduring six months of pain, and minimal results with various practitioners, Nick visited an Osteopath. Nick’s treatment with an Osteopath enabled him to cease pain medication and return to work, encouraging him to pursue Osteopathy himself.

Ensuring that his clients are informed about their condition, and how they can be part of the improvement and/or management of their health, is a crucial part of Nick’s patient-centred care. Treating chronic conditions is a focus area for Nick.

Nick also enjoys sailing, rowing, cooking and spending time with his Dog Luna.

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Meshelle Bell

B.App Sc (TCM). Dip R.M (Tui Na) Acupuncturist

Meshelle Bell is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a registered Acupuncturist. She also holds a Diploma in Chinese Remedial Massage (Tui Na) and a Certificate in Cosmetic Acupuncture.

For the two years after graduation she was living and working in China and Taiwan, and her practice leans towards more traditional acupuncture techniques. Meshelle has a particular interest and expertise in Women’s health; fertility, IVF support, pregnancy, menopause and period irregularities.

She is also highly skilled in managing musculoskeletal problems, sports injuries, anxiety and depression, and skin disorders. Meshelle aims to help her patients achieve health and therefore, happiness, in all aspects of their lives.